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How to Hook Up Peavey Mixers

To get the most out of your PA system, you must know how to properly set up its components. The mixer is an integral piece that takes the sound being picked up by microphones and processes it to be sent to the powered amplifier and then the speakers. Peavey offers a full line of professional live-sound mixers for use with small and large PA systems alike. Follow a few simple steps and you will have your mixer up and running in no time.

Things You'll Need:

  • 2 Balanced Line Cables
  • Xlr Microphone Cable
  • Microphone
  • Powered Amplifier
  • Peavey Mixer

Set up your Peavey mixer on a flat surface in a location in front of and facing the speakers. This will allow you to gauge the volume of sound and adjust accordingly. Connect the power supply to your mixer.

Connect an XLR cable to the microphone and run the cable to the mixer. Connect the cable to the "Mic" port of an open channel on the mixer. Repeat this step until all of your microphones have been connected.

Connect one end of a balanced cable to each of the jacks labeled "Outputs" on the Peavey mixer. One jack is the signal for the right-side speaker. The other is the signal for the left.

Connect the free ends of the balanced cables to the corresponding left and right inputs on your powered amplifier. Make sure your amplifier is connected properly to the speakers.

Power on your mixer and amplifier. Have someone speak into the microphone while you adjust its level from the mixing board. Adjust the levels for each microphone you are using to achieve a good mix. If you experience feedback from a microphone you can try to reposition it in relation to the speakers, or you can use the "EQ" knobs on the Peavey mixer to cut out troublesome frequencies.


Peavey mixers are full-featured mixing consoles. Consult the manual included with your mixer for advanced techniques such as inserting effects and sending output to a monitor feed.


  • The high volumes some PA systems can achieve have the potential to damage hearing. Slowly raise the levels on your microphones to avoid dangerous volumes.
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