How to Hook-Up Multiple Game Consoles and Audio Video for TV Through One Converter Box

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Things You'll Need

  • Consoles
  • Input switching box
  • Television

For serious gamers, multiple game consoles are a must, and that means you need to be able to hook all of them up to one TV and select the system you want to play. Learn the basics of setting up your multiple consoles through a single input switching box.

Disconnect whatever console you have connected to your TV. Your input switcher should have come with output cables. Connect the outputs of the input switcher to the same TV inputs you had your console plugged into.

Note the four kinds of connectors. Composite AV will have three colored plugs: yellow for video and red and white for audio. Match the plugs yellow to yellow. If your TV has mono sound, pick the color that matches the color of the input on your TV.

S-Video AV will be a circular plug with slots inside. Connect the plug into the S-Video input on your TV and connect the red and white audio cables from the VGA plugs into the corresponding color inputs. Do not connect the yellow video connector from the VGA plug when using S-Video.

VGA HD will have a plug like a computer monitor for video and red and white plugs for audio. Connect the VGA plug and the red and white plugs into their corresponding inputs.

Composite HD AV will have the same plugs as the composite AV connector, plus additional red, green and blue connectors. Connect the red, green and blue colored plugs into the corresponding video inputs, and plug the red and white plugs into the corresponding audio inputs. Do not connect the yellow video cable.

Lace the output cables from each console to where they can easily reach the inputs on the switcher box.

Notice that each console will correspond to a set of inputs on the back of the switcher box. Connect them based on how the switches are arranged on the front so that each switch on the front corresponds to the inputs from that console on the back.

Go down the line, connecting each console's input to the corresponding output. Make sure the power box is plugged in and you are done.


  • You can also connect your DVD player or DVR outputs to the switching box for a full entertainment system.


  • Make sure the switch on your switching box is set to "game" before playing.