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How to Get to the Third Hub in Templar's Nightmare

During the “Broken Circle” quest in “Dragon Age: Origins,” a sloth demon sends you to a section of the Fade that he controls. The Fade is a meta-universe of magic and dreams that is inhabited by demons and spirits. Each section of the sloth demon’s domain is a nightmare of one of the people that have been captured by him. The Templar’s Nightmare takes place in a tower inhabited by apostates, wild mages that are not controlled by the Templar Order. The main section of the tower is divided into three hubs. You need to use the special Fade shape shifting abilities to progress through to the third hub.

Change to the Mouse form as soon as you enter the Templar’s Nightmare. You can access this command from the "Advanced skills" section of the ability wheel.

Enter the mouse hole in the corner of the room to get to the next room.

Enter the mouse hole in the opposite corner of the room you just entered. This takes you to the second hub.

Change to Burning Man form.

Walk out of the room and into the next room over. You need to be in Burning Man form to walk through the flames blocking the doorway of this room without dying.

Change back to Mouse form.

Enter the mouse hole on the back wall of this room to get into the next room over.

Change to Spirit form.

Examine the spirit door in the corner of the room to walk through it. You can use spirit doors only while in Spirit form. This door takes you to the third hub of the Templar’s Nightmare.


The Mouse shape-shifting form is found in the Raw Fade. You have to go into this area before progressing to the other nightmares in the Fade. It functions similar to the Rogue class, but without any combat abilities when used. The Spirit shape shifting form is found in the Darkspawn Invasion. This form functions similar to the Mage class and has a large bonus to magic and fire resistance. The reduced physical damage resistance is not a major hindrance in this area. Most of your enemies in the Templar’s Nightmare only use magic attacks, which can make using this form for combat a good choice. The Burning Man shape shifting form is found in the Burning Tower. This form functions like a Mage class specialized only in fire spells. It is immune to fire damage but takes substantially more damage from cold spells. It does not have a physical damage resistance reduction like the Spirit form. The usefulness of this form in combat is random. The enemies you fight can cast both fire and cold damage spells. If you are lucky, you may take no damage when using this form. If you are unlucky, you may be killed instantly if two or three apostates cast cold damage spells at the same time. There are two massive doors in the Templar’s Nightmare. These doors can only be opened if you are using the Golem shape shifting form. You do not need to open either door. The rooms that are blocked by these doors can both be entered through a mouse hole.

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