How to Get Sirius Radio on the PS3

The PS3 game console comes with a whole host of features, such as Bluetooth capability and Internet access. One feature that most people assume the PS3 didn't come with is the ability to connect to Satellite radio, such as Sirius. However, with the help of a third-party program you can actually get Sirius radio on your PS3. That means you can listen to your favorite radio programs while simultaneously playing games.

Power on your PS3 and use the controller to scroll through the options on the main menu until you come to "Network." Press "X" to select it and you will log on to the network.

Navigate to a website that offers Tversity for download. This is a multimedia menu application that allows you to stream things such as TV, movies and even radio. It is compatible with the PS3.

Click on the "Download" tab to download Tversity to your Playstation. When the status indicator on screen informs you that the download is complete you can access Tversity from the main menu screen of your PS3.

Select "Tversity" from the main menu screen and press "X." The program will open.

Search for "Sirius" using the search box and a list of options will appear. Select the "Sirius Radio" option.

Sign up for a Sirius account and provide the necessary information when prompted.

Confirm the purchase when prompted and then you will be able to stream Sirius from the main menu screen of Tversity, right from your PS3.