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How to Get Makeup Stains Out of Sheets

Masha D Trujillo/Demand Media

Waking up to discover your face on your sheets after falling asleep in your makeup is about as much fun as a trip to the dentist. Dropping makeup onto your clothes or other fabrics is just as enjoyable. Sometimes, makeup remover will get rid of the stain, but this strategy sometimes fails. If it does, turn to one of several homemade cleaners to do the job, but the one you use depends on the type of makeup stain you're dealing with. Oily makeups such as lipstick require different removal methods than powder makeup.

Eliminate the Excess

Masha D Trujillo/Demand Media

Scrape off as much of the dried makeup as you can with a plastic spoon or butter knife. Much of the makeup will come off, leaving a smaller stain.

Pick Your Poison

Masha D Trujillo/Demand Media

Find or make a cleaning solution based on the type of stain you have. Lipstick stains are best removed with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, while you should tackle mascara and eye-liner with a mixture of 1 tablespoon of dishwashing detergent with 2 cups of warm water. A 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution works best for liquid foundation, and powders such as eye shadow and blush are best attacked with undiluted liquid laundry detergent.

Test Your Solution

Masha D Trujillo/Demand Media

Apply your cleaning solution to a discreet area on your sheets, such as the corner of the fitted sheet. Put the cleanser on and rinse it away to make sure that the solution won't leave stains or marks on your sheets. This is especially important when using hydrogen peroxide and alcohol or washing delicate fabrics like silk.

Apply the Cleaning Solution

Masha D Trujillo/Demand Media

Place the sheet over an old towel and work your cleaning solution into the stain. The towel will help draw the stain out of the fabric and absorb it. Rub the cleanser into the sheet fabric with your finger and work it in more deeply with a small toothbrush, brushing with it in a circular motion. Be sure to use the toothbrush on both sides of the fabric to thoroughly saturate the stain.

Wash Your Sheets

Masha D Trujillo/Demand Media

Launder your sheets as you normally would in the washing machine and hang them up to dry. Do not dry your sheets in the dryer until you are certain that every trace of the stain is gone. If the stain is lighter but not yet gone, repeat the cleaning process.

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