How to Get Into Ellen's Audience

The Ellen Degeneres Show is a daytime talk show that is taped in Burbank, California. Ellen allows visitors to the audience provided you are at least fourteen years old and have an identification card. There are two ways to get into the audience for Ellen’s show: the online method is for advanced bookings and the in-person method for day of tapings. Tickets are nontransferable and if the show is cancelled you will not be given tickets for a new day.


Go to Ellen’s web page (see Resources) and click on “Tickets” in the top right corner.

Select the month you wish to attend. A calendar will pop up with dates for when tapings are available.

Select the day you want tickets for and complete the corresponding form. Only one date can be requested per year so choose the best possible date for your visit.

Wait for a representative from the show to call and confirm your tickets. Until you get a call, your ticket request is not confirmed. The call may come as late as two weeks before the date you requested. You can request a new date if you don’t hear from anyone by two weeks before the original request.

Follow the instructions given by the representative regarding when and where you should go to attend the taping.

Day of Taping

Be in Los Angeles on the day you wish to attend.

Call 818-954-5929 by 12 pm PST. If you call after noon, you won’t get tickets, even if some are still available.

Ask about standby tickets. If any are available for the day, you will be able to confirm your information with the representative and attend the show. Standby tickets are only available for the current day. All future ticket requests must be completed online.