How to Get Backstage Passes for Concerts

How to Get Backstage Passes for Concerts. Passes that allow you backstage to see your favorite band or artist before or after a concert are tough to come by. But there are some practical things you can do to help get your foot in the door. By signing up for the band's fan club, listening to radio promotions and doing what you can to promote their music, you're putting yourself ahead of the competition.

Sign up for the fan clubs of the artist you're most passionate about. Get your voice heard by posting on the boards on the website and sending emails of encouragement. Many fans think that their favorite artist is too far removed to ever read email or check up on what people are saying on her website. This is simply untrue, so make your words sincere.

Enter every contest that your target artists have going on that would get you free concert tickets or backstage passes. If you win tickets through the band's website, you'll be in communication with someone. That person, depending on the band, could be tied to the artist. See if you can't get backstage passes, too.

Find out what radio stations play their music and where and when their concerts are for the next six months. Call your radio station and tell them you'd like to see a contest for free tickets to their show. Always call in for every contest to try to win tickets and passes. Someone has to win, and that person could be you.

Start your own street team of people who are passionate about the music. Take video and pictures of what you're doing to help promote your artist's music. Send or email the evidence in and provide your contact information. Be sure to include a note that states that you're hoping to meet one day. The artist will appreciate the support and could be moved to do something in return for you.

Dress really nicely at the concert. If you don't already have your passes, you can get them by looking for people who are with the crew (not the event staff). Crew members normally wear black. Strike up a conversation and ask if the meet-and-greet is full. You've got nothing to lose and many times scouts are in the crowd to find fans who want to meet the band. Express interest instead of playing coy and cool.


Be real and relaxed, not desperate and fanatic. Crazy fans are scary to be around as their idolization of an artist creates an atmosphere of expectation and uncertainty. Just be the self that you'd be around your friends in all your interaction with the band, whether online, by mail or in person when you get those passes. Add your local radio station's phone number to your speed dial. When they ask fans to call in for their contest, you'll be ready.

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