How to Get an Art Grant

By Contributor ; Updated September 15, 2017

How to Get an Art Grant. Getting an art grant can be a long process but with proper preparation and basic knowledge of grant awards, you can avoid excessive stress. Art grants usually range from $50 to $500,000. However, if you know which grant you want and where to look, you can easily find and become a strong contender for that award.

Research art grants that match your skill and art medium. Many grants will be available to visual artists and writers, while other art forms tend to have a lesser percentage of grants available. Find three or four to begin with that suit your talents. Grants can range from community art grants to individual art grants.

Clearly read the criteria for the grant. Some grants have lengthy and arduous application processes. Make sure you know the rules and be flexible as they are typically subject to change.

Begin surveying your pieces or work to submit to the grant. Most grants will be very specific about the medium and the manner in which they want submissions presented to the selection committee. Many visual art grants require slides or DVD renderings of the artists' submitted work.

Decide which art pieces you want to include in your grant submissions. Then compile your art pieces into the format the selection committee asks for. Make sure your submission is clean and easily viewable, audible and readable for the committee.

Submit all of your application materials well in advance. Most grants have a checklist of items that needs to be submitted. Submit your application only after reading all pertinent materials regarding the grant.


There are many grants available and many artists applying, so don't get discouraged by a rejection letter. If you are applying for an art grant that requires you to request an amount for the grant which you are applying for, make sure to calculate your needs precisely before requesting an amount. Avoid overshooting your estimate or undershooting your estimate. Many art grants are very specific. Some grants are for festivals, while others commission for newly composed music for a theatre group. Make sure you are aware of and cater to the grant's specific needs and goals. Many colleges and universities support artists and submit eligible artists for grants through their organizations or even endow grants on their own accord. Check various institutions in your area to get further information.


Do not wait until the last minute to apply for a grant. It will cause you great stress in trying to compile the materials needed for application.

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