How to Find The Right Pillow

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If you ever wake up with severe neck pain, you may need a new pillow. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the right one.

Make sure the pillow you are getting has the right support for your needs. An overly puffy pillow can raise your neck to high and a very low will not offer the support you need. Get one that places your neck at a slight angle.

If you have ever bought a pillow that was fluffy in the store and became very flat after a few uses, you're not alone! It is very important to read the label to see what the pillow is made of. That will be a more accurate indicator of whether your pillow will retain its loft. Typically, pillows that are made of goose down or down will have a nice shape for longer that those will polyester fills. Also, a sobakawa or buckwheat pillow is another option. This type of pillow conforms to the shape or your head and neck for optimum, customized support.

Another option is a memory foam pillows. These provide a built-in contour that can support your neck and reduce pain. They also never get flat!

Another aspect to consider is the seaming and construction of the pillow. There are some that have a boxy , squared corners and others that just have a straight seam. The pillows with more structured corners have more support.

It is always recommend that a pillow case be used for easy washing, but if you prefer not to use one, look for higher thread counts for a softer outer material. Also find out if the pillow is machine washable and wash it periodically to keep it sanitized. Wash in the delicate cycle and tumble dry on low.


If you have to use more than one pillow to get the proper support, that means you haven't found the right pillow! Hotel pillows are usually quite good. If you use one you especially like, check the tag and purchase the same one. Keep pillows fluffy by pushing them in at both sides (like an accordion) When you find a pillow you like, buy more than one and keep one on standby until the other flattens out. Most times manufacturers will offer newer, different models and you may not find the right pillow again!

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