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How to Find Management for a Rap Artist

Managers help guide your career in music.
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As a rap artist, there may be a time when you feel that hiring a manager is a wise step. The artist manager will guide your career and help you make the best decisions for you for your future. Your options and your choice will be guided by your current career level, so if you have labels after you to sign with them, it is best to pick a manager with a proven track record. If you are just starting out, an eager beginner may be exactly what you need at the moment.

Book and play as many high profile shows and concerts as possible. Most artists, rap or otherwise, are approached while opening for signed or nationally known artists. Business professionals often travel with these artists and find new talent by watching opening acts or hearing demo tapes while traveling with their current artists. Make friends with the headlining acts to gain connections to find the right manager.

Speak with club owners and promoters in your area. If you are just starting out in the rap game, you may want a local manager who can take you to the next level. Rap artists often are not ready for big-name managers and would rather have an eager beginner in their corner as they will get their attention and the manager will do whatever they can to help the artist out.

Send out promo material to managers that work with other rap artists. Read up on these contacts and send emails asking them if it is appropriate for you to send them some material to check out. Most successful managers decline unsolicited material, so making contact and asking is the best way to make sure that your material is heard rather than thrown in the garbage.

Retain an entertainment lawyer. If you are looking for management, you most likely will need to retain a lawyer to look over contracts and protect you from fraud and bad contracts. Most entertainment lawyers know managers for your genre, so pick a lawyer that works with other rap artists and ask them if they know any managers who may be interested in you. Having a manager and a lawyer who are associates can make things easier for you in all business-related aspects of your career.

Ask a highly motivated friend to manage your career if you are just starting out. Managers start off with one client and hope for a break, so if you are good enough, your motivated friend also will be brought up with you if you are both focused. Pick a friend who understands what being a manager entails, preferably someone with a business degree or business skills of some kind. Avoid other artists as managers unless they are experienced and have been signed or had previous entertainment industry experience.

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