How to Dress for a Masquerade Ball

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Throughout history, masquerade balls have enchanted thousands with their splendor, beauty and air of mystery. Traced back to medieval Rome, the masquerade has evolved and flourished during eras such as the Renaissance and Victorian England. Each person wears a costume and mask to conceal their identity. With this flair of mystery, conversations and secrets are shared between friends and strangers alike. Today the trend continues, and with plenty of styles and themes to choose from, you'll be sure to dazzle at your next masquerade ball.

Search for the perfect mask. Your mask will be the centerpiece of your outfit, so it's crucial that you pick the right one for the right circumstance. Since there are several different kinds of masquerades, consider what type of ball you will be attending. If there is a specific theme, historical era or color palette, try to purchase a mask that fits these criteria. You should also consider aspects such as the style of each mask, as well as the size, to ensure you pick the one that's right for you.

Choose a costume. Once again, keep in mind what kind of masquerade you are attending. If the ball is fancy, a gown for women and a suit for men will work well. However, you can also play with costumes from different eras, such as medieval attire or Venetian carnival clothing. These styles are available at many costume shops, as well as online. Coordinating your clothes with the mask you have chosen will help bring both pieces together.

Add accessories to your outfit. Any jewelry such as necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings will help to complete your look, and both fine or costume jewelry will do the trick. Be creative with your accessory choices. For instance, if you would like a more mysterious outfit, purchase a hooded cape. If you prefer to be more elegant, you may choose to wear evening gloves.