How to Dress for a Disco

Things You'll Need

  • Boot Cut Pants
  • Glitter Makeup
  • Hippie Costumes
  • Platform Shoes
  • Polyester Leisure Suits
  • Wigs
  • Blue Eye Shadow
  • Body Glitters
  • False Eyelashes
  • Gold Chains
  • Jewelry

How to Dress for a Disco. Half of looking great at a disco party is attitude. The other half is polyester. Here are a few easy steps for both men and women that will help create a fun, vintage look reminiscent of the 70s.

Wear your hair big. Afros and pompadours were the height of disco fashion for men. Long, straight hair or very tightly permed hair was the norm for women.

Make your body sparkle and shine. Cover yourself in glitter; wear makeup in bright and shiny colors; apply fake eyelashes and lots of blue eyeshadow.

Put on loud clothes in awkward combinations.

Try to dress only in synthetic fabrics, especially polyester.

Dress in a fully matched ensemble, if possible, such as a leisure suit or velour jumpsuit. You might even wear a Village People costume.

Pull on tight pants that flare at the ankles.

Slip on platform shoes, keeping in mind that white ones are ideal.

Expose as much chest hair as possible if you're a man.

Accessorize with lots of fake gold chains and jewelry.


  • Polyester is highly flammable.