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How to Draw St. Michael

Create a St. Michael drawing for someone in the military.
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In Catholicism, St. Michael is known to be the patron saint of military personnel, police officers and mariners. It is believed that he led God's army into battle against Satan and appears as a chief prince in Daniel's vision. He is also known as the church's protector. Create a drawing of this archangel and present it as a gift to someone who works in the military or on the police force.

Things You'll Need:

  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Pencil

Draw an oval lightly on a piece of paper to represent his head. Make a line vertically and horizontally down the middle of the oval. Add two vertical lines that extend down from the bottom of the oval to create his neck.

Draw a light upside-down triangle with rounded corners right below his neck to create his shoulders. Make two vertical lines extending down from the corners of the triangle to form his torso. Sketch two cylinders on both sides of the triangle's top to be the tops of his arms. Make the right arm extend out from his body at 45 degrees and have the other pointing down. Add two smaller cylinders that taper down to be the lower parts of his arms.

Draw a circle at the end of the arm that is bent at an angle to make a fist. Sketch a sword handle through the fist and a long sword blade extending from the top of the handle.

Add lines to connect the basic shapes that make up the body parts and press harder with your pencil to make the lines darker. Round out joints, like the shoulders and elbows, and erase the remaining light sharp corners of the basic shapes. Draw fingers and knuckles on the side of the fist and taper the wrist.

Create a series of curved lines from the top of the front of his torso and keep adding these lines down his torso to create chainmail armor. Draw draping lines from his shoulders to make the outline of his robes. Drape the lines around his arms and past his waist. Draw a half circle over the bottom half of the arm that is pointed straight down to create his shield.

Draw an eye on each side of the vertical line and extend his nose down from the middle. Make a horizontal line for his mouth above the bottom edge of the oval and stop the bottom of the nose just above the mouth. Add two curved lines just above his eyes for eyebrows and sloping, curving lines from the top of his head to his shoulders for hair.

Draw a circle slightly above and behind his head for a halo. Make a curved line on each shoulder for the curved edge of his wings. The top of the wings should look like the top curves of a heart. Add layers of pointed feathers from the top edge of the wings down.

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