How to Draw People From the Bible

Drawing Bible characters can be accomplished by people of all ages.
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Bible characters are moderately easy to draw, as long as you know the context of the character being drawn. Nearly all of the Bible characters wore draped clothing, such as Jesus, the disciples, the apostles, Old Testament prophets and the ancient Hebrew people. But some stories are unique, such as Adam and Eve who wore only fig leaves. Stories that were about wars meant characters wore some form of armor or weaponry. Most men of the Bible also had long facial hair.

Drawing Bible characters can be accomplished by people of all ages.
drawing image by Renata Osinska from

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil

Decide whether you want to draw just a face of a Bible character or the entire body. If drawing the entire body, there are only two essential parts that need to be drawn: the head, and the robe. Draw an oval first at the top of the page. This is the head. Underneath it, draw an attached rectangle for the body.

Fill in the details. Give facial hair to the character (excessive amounts if it is an old character like Moses or Noah), eyes, nose and ears. Draw arms on the sides of the body and use long, slightly wavy vertical lines on the robe and sleeves to indicate a loose fit. Finally, add feet at the bottom. In Bible times, they wore sandals for footwear, so you'll want to simply draw ten toes (you may simply use small circles to indicate toes) below the robe. Don't forget to draw the hands of the character, and you're almost done.

Include an item that indicates who this particular Bible character is. For example, if you were drawing Moses, put a shepherd's staff in his hand. If you drew an angel, include a simple oval over his head for a halo. Jesus should have long hair. Paul is bald-headed. Research the physical attributes of the character you're drawing and add details accordingly.


  • Keep an eraser handy for quick fixes. If drawing unique characters like David and Goliath, Joshua or the women of the Bible, it is a process that requires special attention to detail. Look at other representations of Bible characters for inspiration.