How to Draw My Little Pony

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Things You'll Need

  • Drawing pencil
  • Pencil eraser
  • Drawing paper
  • or
  • Graphics program
  • Graphics tablet

Most children love ponies. Ponies are cute and playful, so who wouldn't love a pony? With this tutorial, a child could learn how to draw a cute, chubby little pony that can be put in many adventures through a child's imaginative drawings.

Draw a circle.

Draw an oval to the bottom left of the primary circle. There should be a space between where the right sides of the circle and oval meet.

Draw a line on the right side that connects the circle and the oval. This line is the neck. On the oval draw a small circle on the left side. Add two rounded triangles on the right side. One triangle should be in the front, the other should be slightly behind.

Draw hooves at the bottom of the circle and triangles that were drawn in Step 3. The hooves are long rectangles. On the top of the primary circle add two small triangles for ears.

Add a small circle inside the bottom center portion of the circle you drew in Step 1. Above the circle you just drew, add two "mouse hole" shapes for eyes.

Add pupils and irises to the eyes. Your pony can look in any direction. Inside the smaller circle add two nostrils and a smile. Draw two more triangles inside the ears.

Trace over your guidelines to flesh out the pony. Afterwards, add a mane and tail, ink your drawing, and color. You have created a pony.


  • Look at My Little Pony references if you are having a difficult time drawing My Little Pony.


  • If you are using a traditional medium, use a light pencil so that you can erase easily.