How to Draw Jesus Christ

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Jesus Christ is one of the most recognized figures in not only art, but in the world. Every artist has their own interpretation of how to draw Jesus, but many start at the same place - learning to draw human shapes. While many people may be intimidated by the the thought of drawing human figures, there are ways to simplify the process. By breaking down the elements of the picture to smaller components, you can learn to draw not only Jesus, but other human figures.

Draw the shape of the body first. The body is similar to an elongated rectangle. Place this rectangle in the center and lower portion of your paper. Make this rectangle long enough to be the main torso part of the body as well as the legs. Since Christ is often pictured wearing robes, you do not have to draw the legs. The rest of the picture will be built on this shape.

Draw an oval shape above the rectangle for the head. Sketch in two lines coming down from the oval for the neck. Make two lines out to either side from the top of the rectangle. These will become outstretched arms.

Sketch in the hair and beard lines. These can begin as squiggly lines at the top and bottom of the oval. Draw a light horizontal line through the eye area. Use this line as a guide so that the eyes will be even. Make an upside down seven to create the nose.

Make two ovals for the eyes. Add darker centers for the iris and pupils of each eye. Add eyebrows. Make an elongated horizontal oval for the mouth, situated below the nose and above the beard. Sketch a horizontal line through the middle of this oval to form lips.

Make two small ovals at the end of each arm line. Draw in the arms of the clothing. Since the clothing of that time period was simple in construction, this can be done by turning the lines into soft rectangles. Make two small U-shapes at the bottom of the rectangle for feet.

Add the details. Soften the lines of the rectangle that is the body and legs. Make this area look like draped fabric. You can add a rope belt, which will give the body some more definition. Erase guidelines in the face. Finish the beard and hair. Add a line or two to the hands to give them shape.


  • You can protect your drawing by spraying it with a light coat of fixative or aerosol hairspray.