How to Draw Hands Praying

Prayer is a powerful symbol of religion and spirituality. Whenever people see praying hands, these are the things they think of. Praying hands are simple to draw, if you have step-by-step instructions.

Draw a big circle. This will be the palm of the hands. Draw two smaller lines at the bottom of the circle which will represent the wrist and arms.

On the top side of the circle you drew, draw five straight lines for the fingers, with the middle line being the longest. In the middle of each line, draw a small circle for the knuckles. On the thumb line, draw two small circles to represent the thumb bones.


Draw fingers around each of the lines coming out from the circle palm. Use your straight lines as guides. On the other side where the pinky of the other hand only shows, draw the lining of the pinky finger, along with another line at the bottom to represent the other wrist.


Draw fingernails onto the fingers and wrinkles around the knuckles of each finger.


Clean up your drawing by erasing the first lines that you drew. Shade in around the edges of each fingernail and you're done.