How to Draw Frangipani Flowers

Comprised of only five overlapping flower petals, Frangipani flowers are beautiful in their simplicity. They are indigenous to tropical regions like the Caribbean and Pacific Islands. Although they are often used in bouquets, Frangipani blossoms (which grow on short shrubs) are poisonous.

Place a dot in the center of the flower.

Draw five equally spaced straight lines only 1/4-inch long, protruding from the dot. These lines represent the beginning of the left edge of the petals.


Extend the five lines you drew in Step 2, curving them out and then in, stopping at the tip of each petal. The curve should be wide enough that the petals will be too large to fit all the way around the flower without touching. The petals should overlap slightly when complete.


Draw the right side of each petal, starting at the top of the petal. Curve the petal out and then inward, mirroring the curve on the left side of the petal. Stop when you reach the left side of the petal to the right of the petal you're drawing.


Shade each petal slightly, starting near the center and shading down to the dot.