How to Draw Cartoon Funny Faces

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

Drawing cartoon funny faces is an art in itself and one of the most creative types of drawing. It requires attention to form and shape, just like regular drawing and extreme exaggeration of facial features. You need to learn a few basic shapes and how to give those shapes depth and form, and you need to make those shapes into funny, cartoon images.

Draw an oval and just sketch it in lightly. This will define the head of your cartoon face.

Draw a horizontal line to establish where your eyes will go, and then draw a vertical line to establish the center of the face. This line can go straight through the middle of your face or off to the side, depending on where your cartoon is looking.

Draw the eyes on the horizontal line. This character is funny, so draw two "eggs" that are leaning against each other, which are a little bit fatter on the bottom. Add two smaller circles for pupils.

Draw a large teardrop shape that is very fat at the bottom for the nose, right below the eyes; the top of this shape should connect with or overlap the bottom of the eyes. The fatter the nose, the funnier your character will look.

Draw in an orange wedge shape tilted on its side, with the left edge lined up with the center of the nose. This mouth is a funny mouth, cocked off to one side. Then draw, inside the mouth, the top of a heart shape, without the pointed bottom, to define the shape of a tongue. Fill in the rest of the area around the tongue with dark pencil.

Add the eyebrows. Draw two arches well above the eyes, making them curved like horseshoes. The more curved, the funnier your character will look. Fill them in with vertical cross hatches.

Add a chin, a simple small horseshoe shape, right above the very bottom of the head, and below the mouth. This is a simple line with no shading.


  • Experiment with different types of mouths, and variations of shapes for the eyes to create characters that look different. A mouth draw from wavy lines infers confusion, a mouth cocked to one side, makes your character look a little less sincere. Place your eyebrows in various positions to depict different emotions, tooo. Draw one up and one down, for a comically inquisitive look, or both very high up off the eyes for a funny surprised look.