How to Draw an Eagle

Draw an Eagle

How to Draw an Eagle. The eagle has always been a symbol of freedom and power. From the standard of the Roman legions to the Mexican flag to the Great Seal of the United States, the eagle soars. If you want to create your own vision of this noble bird, follow these steps to draw an eagle.

Begin by drawing an oval for the head and then placing two ovals for the eyes and one for the bill. Every drawing should start off simple. Details can be added later once the initial shape of the eagle is finished.

Determine if the eagle will be situated sideways or with a frontal view of the body, or it may even be flying. Also decide if you are drawing just a head of the eagle or the entire body. If drawing just the head of an eagle, the oval should be large, taking up most of the paper.

Sketch the rest of the eagle's body, adding rectangular shapes for the wings, legs and the feet. If the drawing only consist of the eagle's head, add a few more details such as the shape and the direction the eagle is looking.

Add detail to the eyes and the beak on the eagle, shading the areas that are the darkest. Sometimes holding the pencil sideways, and using it in a brush-like movement can add a softer and more subtle effect.

Continue adding more detail to the eagle's face, as this is the focal point of the drawing. Move down towards the neck area, giving quick strokes by turning the pencil sideways and adding a feather-like technique.

Finish drawing the details on the eagle, shading in certain areas that are the darkest such as around the eyes and the beak and in the hollows of the wings. Shading in around these areas will add depth and will bring the drawing to life.

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