How to Draw Accurate Face Proportions

How to Draw Accurate Face Proportions. Knowing the basic proportions of the human face, does not only make you a better artist, but reminds you how individual every human face really is. After splitting the face in half to get the exact location of the eyes, look below for tips on drawing the correct lip, chin and hairlines on a human face.

Split the bottom half of the face into three equal sections between the bottom of the eyes and the bottom of the chin. Use a pencil and don't try too hard to be perfect as this part of the drawing is very rough.

Draw in with a pencil the bottom or tip of the nose that should rest on the first third line of the bottom half of the face.

Fill in the upper lip by drawing a line about half way up the second third of the bottom half of the face. The edge of the mouth should line up with the middle of the eyes.

Pencil in the indent of the chin by drawing a line half way up the bottom third of the bottom half of the face. The nose, middle of the lips and chin indent should all line up.

Sketch the bottom of the chin in line with the bottom of the third section.

Indicate hairline about half way up the upper half of the face. This would indicate a younger portrait whereas a hairline further up indicates a receding line or an older person.

Use pencil to draw in the rest of the features marked out in previous steps.

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