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How to Draw a Rainbow

Colored pencils come in dozens of vibrant colors, perfect for rainbows.
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Rainbows are colorful, fun and extremely easy to draw. They are featured in many cartoons, children's stories and pleasant sketches. For a cute fantasy drawing, there is no better touch than a bright and colorful rainbow stretching across the sky in the background. What's more, rainbows are great for symbolizing cheerfulness, magic and other childhood themes. Drawing a rainbow is as easy as following a few simple steps.

Use a black or graphite writing utensil to draw two fluffy clouds. Use connected half-circles to form rough triangular or oval shapes. This gives you a set of cartoon clouds to serve as connecting points for your rainbow.

Draw a shallow curve connecting one of your clouds to the other using the same black or graphite writing utensil.

Draw a second shallow curve just above the first curve so the lines are an even space apart for the entire distance between the clouds. Repeat this process until you have eight lines all forming a curve and all an equal distance apart from one another.

Color the space between the top line and the line just below it red. Use any shade of red.

Color the space below the red bar orange. Then color the space below that yellow. Then green, light blue, dark blue and purple. You now have a beautiful rainbow connecting your original two fluffy white clouds.


It is better if all the colors are of similar brightness, but you can experiment to find the color shades you most like. Rainbows don't have to connect clouds. Try drawing a variety of things, such as pots of gold or natural landscape to hide the bottoms of your rainbow. Or draw it without drawing anything else.


  • If the clouds are too small or the curved lives are too far apart, the rainbow may look weird. Practice makes perfect, so play around with different dimensions.
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