How to Draw a Lion's Head

Draw a male lion with a bushy mane.
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Drawing a lion's head is a creative way to express your artistic sensibilities. Set up a picture of a lion to inspire you as you draw. Explore different expressions your lion may make by tracing several versions of the lion onto a few separate pieces of paper. Take each stage of the drawing one step at a time -- beginning with an outline and concluding with the color. Display your finished work of art on a wall or as a school project to celebrate your achievement.

Things You'll Need

  • Crayons
  • Color Pencils
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paper
  • Markers

Draw the head outline. Trace a large circle in the center of the paper. Lightly sketch a long curved line down the center of the face and out the bottom of the outline -- with a slight hook to the right. The curve should resemble the shape of a boomerang -- and acts as the vertical line that will proportion the eyes, nose and mouth.

Sketch the horizontal face guidelines. Trace two short, horizontal lines on the upper one-third of the vertical line. The two horizontal lines act as eye guidelines. Drop down to the bottom of the circle and sketch a third, short horizontal line -- to mark the end of the nose. Drop down below the circle, and trace a fourth horizontal line to act as the mouth guideline.

Draw the ears and facial features. Trace a medium-size wobbly triangle for the left (the drawer's left) ear and a large downward arc for the right ear. Draw two dark outlined ovals for eyes. Add dark pupils to add intensity to the look. Sketch a downward triangle hanging off the bottom of the nose marker line. Sketch a short vertical line down from the point of the triangle -- the tip of the nose -- and trace two downward diagonal lines -- angled out. The three lines dropping down from the tip of the nose should resemble a peace sign.

Trace the upper and lower jaw. Draw a wide, looping, upper jaw outline -- beginning on the right side of the face and connecting to the downward right diagonal angle off of the "peace sign." Bring an identical line off of the left side of the face and connect it down to the left diagonal line. The result should resemble a large, upside down letter "M." Draw an upward arc connecting the two M loops constituting the upper mouth. This arc completes the lower jaw and thus the mouth.

Add hair and color. Sketch long and short strands of hair off all sides of the face and mouth. Add thick scribbles to give the lion a bushy mane. Scribble in dots on the upper mouth to indicate the area where whiskers grow. Color in the lion face with shades of yellow, black, amber and orange to complete the drawing.