How to Draw a Hexagon Step-by-Step

Hexagons appear in many objects, such as sidewalks.

A hexagon is a six-sided shape with lines of equal length. The internal angles of each of these lines, as they are connected, comes out to be 120 degrees. To properly draw one of these shapes, there are several ways to approach the task. The easiest way is to create a basic guideline to assist you, because measuring the different lines and appropriate angles can be extremely time-consuming and nerve-wracking.

Use a protractor to draw a large circle in the middle of your page. The circle acts as a basic guideline for you to draw the hexagon, allowing you to make sure that all six sides are as close to the same measurement as possible.

Draw a line through the middle of the circle so that you may create the next two guidelines for this process. Determine the point on this middle line that is in the exact center of the circle. Use your protractor to draw two semicircles on either side, using the center point as a linking point.

Use your ruler to draw a straight line that connects the middle line with the curved feature of the left semicircle. This line acts as one side to the hexagon. Move your ruler around each appropriate side, using this same method to construct the other five sides of the hexagon.

Measure each side of the hexagon to ensure the shape forms proportionally. Each line should have a parallel line across from it.

Trace over the hexagon with your ink pen to create a bolder look to the image. Let the ink completely dry, then erase all the guidelines you used to create the shape.

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