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How to Draw Petunias

A typical petunia has five petals.
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Petunias are a flowering plant that are popular in gardens or as container plants because they bloom all summer and come in many varieties and colors. Petunias are a good choice for practicing drawing flowers because they have a relatively simple shape and are very common, making it easy to find a flower to use as a reference. Although there are many varieties of petunias that all look slightly different, drawing a basic petunia flower is not difficult.

Things You'll Need:

  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Drawing Pencils

Draw a circle that's the general size that you want the petunia to be. It doesn't have to be perfect, as flowers are not perfect. Draw the circle lightly as you will erase it later.

Make five equally spaced marks on the circle. These marks indicate the top of each of the five petals on a petunia.

Between each of the marks, make another mark that is slightly inside the circle. These marks indicate the bottom of each petal.

Draw an arc between each of the marks on the inside of the circle, with the top of each arc at a mark that is on the circle itself. This creates the five-petal shape of a petunia.

Erase the circle, as you no longer need it as a guide.

Mark a point in the middle of the flower, then draw five lines running from the middle to the top of each petal.

Draw two very small circles in the middle of the flower. These are the visible reproductive parts of the flower. (

Shade the flower. The middle needs shading in particular. The shaded area in the middle of the flower is small and has a general pentagon shape. Each corner of the pentagon is now on one of the lines that you drew running up the petals of the flower.


Look at pictures of actual petunias in order to draw a certain variety of petunia. Petunias also come in many colors with different markings, so looking at photos will help should you decide how to color your petunia if you wish to add colors.

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