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How to Draw a Girl Laying Down

Capture the curves of the female form in your pose.
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One of the most common subjects of artwork is the human form. The female form offers details such as curves that make it an intriguing subject for artists. While it's common to draw a figure standing, it can be more of a challenge to draw a figure in another position, such as lying down. Whether you draw a figure of a girl standing or lying down, it's important to make the body look proportionate and the positioning look authentic. You should also take into account the way joints work, as you draw a posed body.

Things You'll Need:

  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Pencil

Draw a horizontal line, with an oval shape attached to the right side of it, for a head. On the horizontal line, draw an oval for a chest. Farther down the body, draw an oval where the hips will be.

Draw a line coming from the left of the chest section. Curve the line up and to the right to form an outline of an arm, resting under the head. Draw a circle to mark where the elbow will be.

Draw a vertical line, coming from the hips, for a leg stretched in the air. Draw another line coming from the hips, and curve it up and to the right so that it looks bent. Draw a circle to mark where the knee will be.

Draw circles at the ends of the legs, to mark the feet. Outline the legs by adding slight definition to the calves and thighs. Outline curved feet and make the toes point out.

Trace over the rest of the body to create a torso and hips. Add curves to define the chest. Add details to the face.

Draw hair that falls down behind the head, and onto the surface the girl is lying on. Detail clothes on the figure as desired. Draw the line of the clothes to follow the lines of the body, for realistic fit.

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