How to Draw a French Bulldog

Chris Amaral/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Things You'll Need

  • Graphite pencil
  • Drawing paper
  • Eraser
  • Ruler

Imagine a miniature bulldog with ears like tulip petals and you will have a good idea of what a French Bulldog looks like. Migrant workers brought the breed from England to France in the 1950s. The dog has the typical bulldog face with a compressed nose and wrinkles. It has a short neck and strong, but short, legs. Its wide-set eyes are like black buttons and give the dog a comical and endearing appearance.

Collect a number of reference images for your drawing. Choose one that gives a good view of the dog, such as a side view with a lot of detail. Change the size by using a factor of your choice. If the dog is 4 inches long in the photo, multiply that by 2 to make the dog 8 inches in your drawing, and so on.

Mark the basic outline of the dog. Draw a line along the bottom of the paper to serve as a base line. Mark the dog's length and height at the shoulder and back end. Mark dots to indicate the dimensions of the head. Continue by measuring and marking the height up to the underside of the dog, and mark the location of the legs.

Draw a line to connect the dots you have marked. Use light, gently curved lines to show the outline as precisely as possible. Use more lines to indicate the musculature and draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the dog. Note how the upper lips droop down below the stubby nose.

Shade the body of the dog. Look for the direction of the light source to help you determine light from dark areas. Use a small cloth to blend light and dark areas together, but do this carefully to preserve the highlights.

Continue detailing the face including the skin folds and tulip-shaped ears typical of such dogs. Detail the claws and muscles until it looks like the dog in the photo.

Clean up any errors or smudges as a result of the shading process with an eraser to finish the drawing.