How to Draw a Fish

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil

How to Draw a Fish. Attempting to draw can sometimes feel confusing and complicated. However, you can create a fish drawing using only a few standard shapes and a couple simple lines. With a little practice and some patience you will soon get the look you want for your fish. If drawing a fish is something you want to try, then keep reading.

Take your pencil and draw the fish's body by making an egg-shaped oval in the middle of your paper. Make a triangle with rounded corners on the end of your fish's body for the tail. Give the tail a realistic detail by adding lines horizontally across the inside.

Draw a fin on the top of your fish by making a small arched line up and wavy line down. Repeat this for the bottom fin.

Place another smaller, rounded triangle, pointing towards the same direction as the tail, in the middle of the fish's body. This will make the side fin for your fish.

Create the eye by drawing a small circle on the fish's head near the edge. Under the eye, draw a curved line going up for the mouth. Add two sideways curved lines just past the mouth to form the fish's gills.

Add a few small circles coming up and out of your fish's mouth for the air bubbles. Your fish drawing is now complete.

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