How to Draw a Swimming Pool

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A swimming pool is a man-made reservoir that allows a person to relax or play in a body of water. Pools come in all shapes and sizes and are a popular for recreation, especially in the summer. Many sports such as volleyball can also be played in a pool. Drawing a swimming pool is a simple process that can be done in a series of steps.


Draw an angled rectangle or oval shape. This will represent the perimeter of your swimming pool. Draw an angled rectangle by drawing two horizontal lines parallel to each other. Then connect both parallel lines by drawing a vertical line at each side. Make sure that both vertical lines are parallel to each other but oriented in a diagonal direction.

Draw a smaller rectangle or oval within the first rectangle or oval. This represents the body of water. Color this smaller shape with a blue pencil or marker so the viewer can differentiate between the surface and water.

Draw an upside-down "U" at the perimeter of the smaller rectangle or oval shape. Draw another upside-down "U" but make it overlap half-way with the first letter. Draw a few horizontal lines that connect the farthest left side of each letter. This represents the entrance or exit ladder of your pool. Draw this structure with any color except blue so that it contrasts with other structures in the picture.


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