How to Draw a Dream Catcher

By Suzanna Hulmes ; Updated September 15, 2017
Native Americans believed bad dreams would be trapped in the web of the dream catcher.

If you are interested in Native American culture you may want to learn how to draw a dream catcher. Dream catchers were first made by the Ojibwa people who believed these could be used to teach natural wisdom to the individuals who owned one. Dream catchers were also hung over children's beds to keep the children from having bad dreams. Use a pencil to draw your dream catcher as this will enable you to erase any unwanted guidance lines when you have completed the drawing.

Draw a circle and then draw a slightly smaller circle within the first circle to create the frame of the dream catcher.

Create the web of the dream catcher by marking six equally spaced points around the edge of the inner circle and label them from one to six in a clockwise direction. Draw a dot on the center of the circle. Begin at point one and draw a single curved line leading around the far side of the center dot and then end the curve at point three. Without lifting your pencil, draw a curved line from point three around the center dot to point five. Draw a curved line from point five around the center dot to point one. Lift the pencil.

Begin again from point two, drawing a line to point four, and then to point six and then to point two. The end result should look similar to a flower. Complete the web by drawing three or four small circles for beads. Place these randomly around the web.

Draw three feathers hanging from the bottom of the dream catcher. Do this by marking three equally spaced points along the bottom of the dream catcher. From the first point draw a line downward for the center line of the feather. Draw a shallow curved line from the top to the bottom of the line on each side to create the feather. Repeat this for each feather.

Draw over all your lines in pen and erase any visible guidance lines before coloring in your dream catcher.