How to Draw a Dog

Draw a Dog

How to Draw a Dog. Have you ever wanted to draw a picture of your dog but haven't been successful? Follow these steps to learn how in just a few minutes.

Go through magazines to get a picture of a dog. You can also search online or use a photograph of your own dog.

Collect drawing material on a table in a quiet place.

Use a sharpened pencil to draw three circles on a drawing sheet. The first circle indicates the dog's head. Below that, make a larger circle representing the dog's shoulders. The smallest circle to the right of the larger circle forms the basis for its hind legs.

Draw a horizontal oval across the first circle similar to the muzzle on the dog's face.

Make the dog's neck by joining the first circle (head) to the second one (shoulders) with curved lines.

Draw curved lines to join its shoulders and hind legs to form the dog's body.

Look at the reference picture and draw the legs.

Make paws by drawing small ovals at the bottom of the legs. Draw fine lines on the paws to give it a defined look.

Add ears, eyes, triangular nose and a tail.

Erase unwanted lines and marks drawn in the beginning to represent the basic structure. If required, define the picture with some more strokes.

Color the drawing to give it a finishing touch.


Refer to the dog picture frequently. Select earthy and natural colors for filling in the dog's outline. Use sharpened pencils to ensure clear lines without smudges.


Use light pencil strokes to avoid the permanent marks that dark strokes leave.

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