How to Make a Flower Tessellation

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Things You'll Need

  • Equilateral triangle with 2-inch sides
  • Equilateral hexagon with 2-inch sides
  • Sturdy piece of paper
  • Writing utensil

A tessellation is a pattern of shapes that are arranged to flow one after the other. They are usually geometric in design. Tessellations can be very geometric or organic.

An equilateral triangle is the same length on each side.
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Trace the triangle on a piece of sturdy paper. Trace six triangles, with all the tips facing toward the center. This will create a circular shape,

The hexagon is used to represent the petals.
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Trace a hexagon. One of the flat sides of the hexagon should connect to the outward facing side of the triangle. Repeat this process until the hexagons meet.


The flower shape that you just created can be used to create a complete tessellation. Use the flower shape as an original that you can trace. The hexagons will fit together like pieces of a puzzle.



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