How to Draw a Cow

How to Draw a Cow. Drawing a cow can be as simple as combining rectangles and ovals and then refining the edges. This simple cow drawing can make anyone look like an artist. Painters like Constable made a whole career out of painting fields of grazing cows, so you might be on your way to artistic fame.

Start with a rectangle. This is the cow body, so make it as large as you want your cow to be.

Draw a smaller rectangle slightly overlapping the right side of the first rectangle.

Erase the overlapping line and the bottom line of the small rectangle. Draw an oval at the bottom of the small rectangle to make a muzzle.

Draw two ovals inside the smaller rectangle and two little circles inside those ovals for eyes. Add two lines inside the oval at the bottom of the small rectangle for nostrils and a curvy line for a mouth.

Stagger four skinny rectangles at the bottom of the main rectangle for legs. Add small ovals at the bottom of each of those for feet.

Place the udder of the cow at the bottom of the main rectangle.

Add a two-dimensional curvy line coming from the left side of the main rectangle to create a tail. Fray the end of the tail.

Color in black spots on the cow's body and legs.


Draw the boxes lightly as a guideline to make a more realistic cow as you get better with your drawing. Find a picture of a cow so you can have a visual reference for what you're drawing.

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