How to Draw a Cartoon Dog Step by Step

By Contributor ; Updated September 15, 2017

Things Needed

  • Pencil
  • Paper
Draw a Cartoon Dog!

Learn to draw a cartoon dog with these simple step by step instructions. Even kids can do this. Get your art supplies and get ready to make the perfect pet!

To draw a cartoon dog, first draw the nose. Just make a small oval in the center of the page.

Now add the rest of the snout by connecting two more ovals to the nose. (These should be quite a bit larger.)

Next add the mouth by drawing a double-lined "U." This should connect to the two larger ovals you just drew.

Now add the eyes by drawing a tall arch starting at the nose and landing in the middle of each cheek.

Next, draw the top of the head by making a rainbow around the head going from cheek to cheek. Leave the top part open and draw one more gentle arch on the top to make a more pronounced forehead.

Now draw the ears by making a long drooping oval on each side of the head. These should be behind everything else, so be sure not to overlap what you have already drawn.

Last of all - add the details. Things like the inside of the mouth, the reflection on the nose, a neck and collar, and of course... whiskers! NOw you can teach anyone to draw a cartoon dog!


There is more than one way to draw a cartoon dog. You might want to look at photos and drawings of different dogs to get ideas for different variations.


Don't pull the whiskers!