How to Download Telugu Songs

Telegu is an Indian language that has been spoken for thousands of years and is now considered a classical language in India. Telugu music is available for download legally at websites such as Raaga, a site dedicated to Indian language music. Other sites, such as Telugu FM, are dedicated to Telugu music but offer only streaming music. Still more sites, such as Ezee MP3, offer videos and songs, but these are illegal to download due to copyright laws.

Go to the Raaga website. (See the link in the Resources section.) Once there, select "Telugu" from the list of languages.

Select "Register" from the top right corner of the screen to register your new account. This will lead you to the registration page. Enter all of the information and click "Register."


Open the activation email sent to the email address with which you registered and click on the activation URL link.


Find the Telegu songs you'd like to download and click the "Download" option next to each title.