How to Download Games on a PS3

Things You'll Need

  • Broadband Internet connection
  • PlayStation Network account

The PlayStation 3 is a true multimedia device. In addition to playing PlayStation 3 games on disk and playing Blu-ray high-definition movies, the PS3 is capable of downloading full games to play off of the system's hard drive. Downloading these games is as easy and only takes a matter of moments.

Turn on your PS3, and let it boot to the XMB (Cross Media Bar).

Log into your PlayStation Network account by entering your registered email address and password.

Enter the PlayStation Store, and find the game you wish to download.

Choose the game you wish to download by selecting "Download." If the game costs money, you will be asked if you want to confirm your purchase; otherwise, the download will begin.

Allow a fair amount of time for the game files to download to your PS3. Because of the heavy traffic on the PlayStation Network, some files take longer than others to download.

Exit out of the "Download Complete" screen, and install the downloaded game.


  • Exit out of any other programs that rely on an Internet connection to operate to improve download speeds while on PSN.


  • Do not shut off the PlayStation 3 while download is in progress. In addition to stopping the download, you risk corrupting the portion of the file that has downloaded to the system.