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How to Download a Sony PSP Driver for Windows

The Sony PSP is a handheld media device for playing games, listening to music and watching movies. The PSP is able to access the Internet over a wireless network, but it is also possible to connect the PSP to a computer to share media files. In order for the PSP to communicate with a Windows computer, it is necessary for a driver to be installed on the computer before the two devices can effectively communicate.

Turn on the Sony PSP.

Use the left and right arrows to navigate to the "Settings" menu.

Press the up and down arrows to select the "USB Connection" option, and press the "X" button to activate it. Putting the device into this mode will allow your computer to recognize it and will also trigger Windows to download the driver from the PSP so that the two devices can communicate.

Connect the small end of the USB cable to the port on the PSP.

Connect the large end of the USB cable to an available USB slot on your computer. Windows will display a notification that indicates the device driver is being installed. Once it displays a message that says "Device driver installed successfully," you will be able to transfer files between your computer and PSP.


If you have a memory card reader, it is also possible to remove the memory card from the PSP and insert it into the memory card reader to transfer files. Click "Computer" from the Start menu, and drag and drop files to and from the "Removable Disk" icon that represents the attached memory card.

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