How to Donate Sewing Machines

A sewing machine is not an affordable item for everyone. When purchasing a new sewing machine for yourself and your old machine is in working order, you can choose to donate your used sewing machine to someone less fortunate. Sewing machines can help someone earn a living, or provide clothing or bedding for their homes and families for a low cost. Your contribution of a sewing machine can improve a family's quality of life.

Clean the sewing machine and gather all of the accessories and manuals. Accessories that may have come with your machine are a foot pedal, screwdriver and power cord.

Decide what type of charity you would like to donate the sewing machine to. An organization such as the United Way accepts donations of sewing machines for troubled youth to learn a trade. Pedals for Progress give the sewing machines to recipients in third world countries to help them begin their own clothing businesses.


Ship or drop off the sewing machine to the charity or organization of your choice. Keep the receipt for your tax records.



  • Package your sewing machine carefully; double box the machine with extra padding inside the outside box for safe arrival.