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How to Identify a Sportcraft Pool Table Model Number

Some Sportcraft pool table accessories fit several models.
pool table 4 image by MLProject from Fotolia.com

You need to identify the model number of a Sportcraft pool table in order to acquire the correct replacement parts. Sportcraft produces a variety of single and multi-sport billiard tables in many sizes for all levels of play. Damage to the pool table may require repair and part replacement. You can order new parts directly from the manufacturer once you've verified the model number. Get back to playing the games you enjoy after you locate the model number of your Sportcraft pool table.

Search the first two pages of the owner's manual for mention of the model number. Most Sportcraft pool table model numbers are seven digits long and end with two letters.

Look for the model number in the printing on the outside of the original box your pool table came in. The seven-digit number is often found below the name of the model on Sportcraft packaging.

Visit Sportcraft's website to match the table you are researching with those the company currently offers. Click on the "Details" button below the picture of the matching billiard table. The model number is the seven-digit number that ends with two letters and is printed below the model name in blue.

Contact Sportcraft directly if you are unable to find the model number for the pool table. Describe the table to the best of your ability or include a picture in the correspondence.

Things You'll Need:

  • Owner's manual (optional)
  • Original box (optional)
  • Camera (optional)


Order replacement parts by model number directly from Sportcraft.

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