How to Do WWE Wrestling Moves

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been the leader in professional wrestling for decades, and they continue to be the force that rules the world of wrestling. Every week there are several shows created to entertain the masses, and superstars like John Cena, Triple H and C.M. Punk showcase moves every week. Performing wrestling moves from the WWE requires a lot of training and practice.

Run across the ropes and stretch your arm straight out to the side. Aim the center of your arm toward an opponent’s neck and knock him down to perform a classic clothesline.

Wait for your opponent to run at you and then jump and kick both legs into the air to knock your opponent to the mat. This is known as the dropkick.

Wrap both of your arms around an opponent’s neck from behind his back. This is the sleeper hold, a classic WWE trademark move.

Kick your opponent in the gut, stick his head underneath your arm and then slam his head into the wrestling mat. This is an example of the DDT, a move used by former WWE stars Jake Roberts and Mick Foley.

Climb to the top turnbuckle, jump off and drive your elbow into an opponent’s chest. This is the classic elbow drop and one of the signature top rope moves in the WWE.

Grab your opponent tightly by the neck. Use your other hand to lift him by his back. Slam him down to the mat to perform a choke slam.

Stick an opponent’s head between your legs, lift him up by his hips and slam him on his back to perform a power bomb.

Run at an opponent and tackle him right in the stomach using a shoulder tackle. Slam his back to the mat, and you have just performed the classic spear.

Lift an opponent into the air by grabbing over his shoulder with one hand and in between his legs with the other. Slam him hand on his back to perform a body slam.

Watch classic and current WWE matches to study and learn more WWE moves.


  • Do not attempt to perform any wrestling moves unless you have been properly trained to do so.