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How to Do Wings in Tap Dance

"Wings" is an energizing tap dance step that requires practice and patience to master. Wings combines many steps and connects them to make one fluid movement.

Learn wings one leg at a time. Combine them as one movement when you feel comfortable doing them with either leg.

Stand with your feet together and with your knees slightly bent. Brush your right leg out to side. Sweep the floor sideways with your foot.

Spank your foot as you pull it back in. Bring your foot back in and sweep the ball of your foot across the floor in a decisive movement.

Lift your leg slightly after the spank. Land with your feet together in a stomping motion.

Repeat these steps with your left leg. Practice with both legs individually until you have the move down.

Synchronize both legs. Combine the movements to create a set of wings. Start by hopping in the air. Brush both of your legs out. Spank them both back in at the same time. Land both feet simultaneously, side-by-side.


To master this step, balance your hands on a table or a chair until you get the movement down. Circle your arms in wide, circular motions to add pizazz to the step. Stretch and warm up your muscles before attempting this step.

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