How to Do the Miser's Dream Magic Trick

Do the Miser's Dream Magic Trick

How to Do the Miser's Dream Magic Trick. Pulling coins out of thin air is one of the trademarks of a quality magician. Miser's Dream is an impressive sleight-of-hand trick in which the magician pulls coins out of the air. Follow the tips below to become efficient at the Miser's Dream magic trick.

Set up your trick by placing a bucket behind or on top of a table. Behind the bucket, place a stack of 5-10 coins plus an additional single coin out of the audience's view.

Lift bucket or cup from the table with your left hand while simultaneously picking up the stack of coins. (You will need to be able to open your hand to lift the buck, so hold the coins between your thumb and index finger.) Keep the coins in your left hand held against the inside of the bucket. At the same time you are picking up the bucket, pick up the single coin with you right hand, holding it in the same way as the stack of coins.

Stare at a spot approximately one foot in front of you, pretending to see a coin floating in the air.

Reach for the imaginary floating coin with your right hand while simultaneously working the finger-palmed coin to the tip of your fingers.

Reveal the coin in your right hand to the audience, pretending that you have pulled it from the air.

Move your right hand over the bucket, acting as though you are about to drop in the coin you have just plucked from the air. Instead of dropping the coin in your right hand, drop one from the stack in your left, while repositioning the one in your left hand into finger-palm position.

Repeat the process until all of the coins in your left hand are in the bucket.


Like many sleight-of-hand tricks, Miser's Dream will take practice to get the moves smooth.

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