How to Do Blanket Edge Stitching on a Sewing Machine

There is no need to turn fleece under before stitching.
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You find yourself needing a fast and simple way to finish a blanket. Hand stitching is not your strong suit, but you would like the blanket to look handcrafted. Then sewing the blanket stitch with a machine provides a quick way to give any blanket’s edge that finishing touch. Finish the edge of the blanket with a handcrafted look in just a few minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • Straight Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine With Embroidery Stitch Capabilities

Set the machine to the blanket stitch setting.

Insert a scrap piece of fabric into the machine and test the blanket stitch for length and width. Adjust the stitch length and width if needed. Test the stitch again with the scrap fabric for correctness.


Folding and pinning the hem around the blanket’s edge prevents the fabric from fraying.


Place the blanket’s edge into the machine. Stitch around the blanket’s edge. Remove the pins before they reach the sewing machine needle. Overlap the beginning stitches with the ending stitches to secure.


Remove the blanket from the sewing machine and trim any loose threads.