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How to do a scorpion (dance/gymnastics move)

A scorpion is used as a step in dance and in gymnastics. You don't have to be flexible you just have to practice, and be determined to do this particular move.

First find a place with a medium sized space. The space may be large, but with a space too small you might fall or get hurt.

Second you stretch out your legs by sitting down in a strattle position.

Next you reach right, then left, then right again then left again. Repeat until your legs feel stretched out and not too stiff.

After you do that get up and try to stretch out your back by twisting your waste and doing a backbend, at least as far back as you can go. Repeat until back feels stretched out. (backbend- when you stretch backwards down and touch the floor with your hands.

Next get up and stand up straight.

Grab your leg with one arm, go to the side closest to the leg that you are using.

Then take the other arm and reach it across your body.

After that move the arm that was closest to your leg to the side of your foot that is facing forward.

Last slowly, pull it over your head or to touch the top of your head.

Congratulations you have learned how to do a scorpion!!!


Be healthy and strong.


  • DO NOT try this on a hard surface. If under 12 and no experience, PARENTEL SUPERVISION please. DO NOT try if you have a bad back or legs.
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