How to Do a Basic International Rumba Walk

Things You'll Need

  • Dance shoes
  • Mirror
  • Music (International Rumba or Bolero)

The famed Rumba walk is one of the most widely practiced basics in any studio. Although some can get carried away with the technique, emphasizing its practice for hours upon hours per week, there is a great amount of time to be invested in mastering this technique. The Rumba walk is a basic action that you may train in Rumba, though it is also used in the Cha Cha and similar elements will transfer over into other dances. Below are some guidelines on how to perform a basic Rumba walk and how to practice it for future reference.

Begin with your feet together and turn your feet outward 45 degrees from forward.

Point your right foot in front of you with the outside edge of the foot touching the ground. Your leg should be absolutely straight and "toned" (flexed). This is position "A."

Using your left leg, begin pushing yourself forward and onto your right leg. Make sure both your legs are constantly straight and do not bend during this time. Here is the most difficult part. You must maintain your weight between both legs and on both balls of your feet. This is the transitory section aptly named "B."

Finish by continuing your pushing forward and putting your weight entirely over your right foot. Your left foot should release in a pointed, straight line behind you. This is position "C."

Go back to the beginning and repeat the 3 positions starting with left foot forward.


  • The key is building strength in your legs to allow for a smooth transfer of weight. The slower you practice getting in and out of position "B," the better off you will perform.


  • If anything hurts, don't push it.