How to DJ

The DJ is the first person to engage the crowd by motivating them to dance at a party or event. A good DJ not only understands music by how to blend and mix songs that keeps party-goers happy. Read on to learn how to DJ.

Arrive at least an hour before the even to allow yourself time to set up your equipment. You don’t want to still be setting up once majority of the guests have arrived.

Know your audience. If you are hired to DJ ask what type of music the people will typically like to hear. Once at the party survey the crowd and get a feel of the type of music that your audience responds the most to.


Be willing to accept song requests. Have a diverse music portfolio. Don’t limit myself by bringing only one specific type of music to the occasion.


Talk to the audience. A good DJ occasionally drops a few words for crowd participation or to make special announcements. Remember you are a musical host and people are there to have a good time.


Index your music. This makes it easier for switching and blending between songs without major interruptions.