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How to Display Painted Ceramic Tiles

Things You'll Need:

  • Plaque hangers
  • 1 tube clear silicone glue
  • Terrycloth towel
  • Pliers
  • Self adhesive felt pads
  • Plate hangers
  • Mini easels


If you ever want to remove the tile from the plaque hanger, simply take a knife and shave the glue away from the tile's surface.


  • Use silicone glue in a well ventilated area.

Most tiles are installed as back splashes, on countertops, on floors or in showers. But some tiles are so unique and beautiful, especially handcrafted tiles, that they beg to be displayed as works of art. There are a variety of ways in which tiles can be exhibited thoughout the home. You can add tile accents throughout the house quickly and easily.

How To Hang Tiles On The Wall Using Plaque Hangers

Lay your tiles face down on a terrycloth towel to protect them from scratching. Squeeze silicone glue onto the rectangular part of the metal plaque hanger. Position the hanger on the back of the tile.

Push down to seat the hanger and the glue on the back of the tile. Allow the glue to cure in a warm, dry environment for 24 hours.

Hang the plaque on a wall as you would a picture.

Table Top And Fireplace Displays

Select appropriate locations, such as fireplace mantels, dresser tops and end tables to set an easel with a favorite tile displayed upon it. You can also lay tiles flat on coffee tables or counters.

Create groupings where space permits.

To prevent tiles from sliding and possibly marring wood or glass table tops, use small felt adhesive pads. Attach a single pad to the back of the tile at each corner.

Using Plate Rails And Plate Hangers

Plate hangers should be chosen relative to size of the tile. The bend in the wire that normally wraps around a plate may need some adjustment.

Holding the pliers firmly, bend the wire to a profile that will readily grab and hold onto the edge of the tile on the top and bottom.

Bend and adjust as needed until the plate hanger grips the tile firmly.

Hang on the wall as you would a picture.

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