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Homemade Indoor Flagpole Stand

Flags kept indoors can be kept in flag stands, much as they are when they are set up outside. While you can purchase already built flag stands from stores, homemade flag stands aren't terribly difficult to construct, as all you need is something with an opening big enough to fit a flagpole and strong enough to hold the flag up on its own.

Use a Fireplace Tool Set

Taking an old fireplace tool set which is meant to stow the shovel, brushes and picks for a fireplace can become a perfect homemade indoor flagpole stand. Fireplace tools sets with ball-topped handles which are meant to wrap around the fireplace tools are well-sized for many flagpoles to fit in them. As these fireplace tool set stands are made of iron or another heavy metal, they are strong enough to hold most flagpoles and attached flags, as long as the flagpole fits into the metal clip.

Bottom of a Desk Chair

By separating the top chair portion from the bottom of an old desk chair--the part where the wheels are attached--you can create a homemade indoor flagpole stand. This all depends on if the flagpole can fit into the hole on the desk chair bottom, of course. If the hole in the middle of the desk chair bottom doesn't go all the way through, you should cut or drill out the center area so the flag pole can go all the way to the floor when you insert it. This will give your flagpole stand more stability.

Pile of Weights

By piling up pancake weights used on dumb bells or a bench press bar, a natural homemade flag stand can be created that will work indoors. The holes in the middle of all the pancake weights should be aligned so the flag pole can fit through smoothly. These pancake weight pieces can be glued together with a strong adhesive meant to bind metal or tied together with wire by simply wrapping a lot of wire through the hole around all the weights and tying it off. You may want to do this a few times to make sure the weights are securely connected to each other. One downside of this homemade flagpole stand is that it may be a hassle to move.

A Large Planter's Pot

You can create a flagpole stand by simply taking a large planter's pot and turning it upside down. Most planter's pots have holes in the bottom of them that are big enough to fit a large flagpole. If the hole is not big enough, you can widen it by sanding or filing down the clay of the planter's pot. The upside-down pot can also be painted to be more decorative.

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