How to Direct a Music Video

How to Direct a Music Video. Directing a music video is the dream of many. For others it's just a necessity to get their music the extra promotion that it needs. Whatever your reasons, directing a music video isn't as easy or glamorous as it may seems. It requires a certain level of skill and hard work but if you're serious about it you will be able to see your music and ideas come to life.

Select a small, efficient, experienced crew. More than likely your first videos will be low budget ones. You're not going to have the money for a large crew, so find a handful of people that you trust and are experienced and reliable enough to get the job done.

Choose locations that are private, free, that you have ready access to and if possible that you can get for free or extremely low-cost. You don't want to risk shooting without a permit because you can get black-balled from a location and have to pay exorbitant fees.

Rent from a person who owns their own equipment if you don't have your own. It will be much cheaper then trying to rent from a business.

Keep it simple. This isn't the time for special effects, elaborate sets or lots of props. Ultimately it's about the music, so to save time and money keep sets and story ideas as simple as possible.

Shoot outside as much as possible. It costs more money to light interior shots then outside shots. If you shoot during daylight hours than you can use natural light.

Find talent that is willing to work for free and supply their own hair, make-up and wardrobe.

Stick to a tight schedule. You don't have time to waste and may be limited to only working with several hours to get the video shot.

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