How to Design a Button Badge

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Things You'll Need

  • Ruler or badge
  • Inkjet paper
  • Badge circle cutter
  • Badge-making machine or kit

You can design a button badge on your computer. You don't even need to have access to a design program, such as Adobe Photoshop with its choice of button templates. You can create a basic badge design with Microsoft programs like Paint or Word. All your software program needs is the ability to create basic shapes, a color-fill feature, a text tool and the ability to upload clip art.

Open the software program you wish to use, either Microsoft Paint or Word.

Click on the shape tool to create a basic circular-badge shape. Resize it so that the badge measures a badge width of 2.25 inches or 3 inches. Use a ruler to check the width of the badge shape on the screen or check the size by holding up an existing badge.

Fill the shape with the color of your choice from the color menu. Choose a custom shade by selecting the custom color menu, which will offer more choices.

Use the text tool to write a funny word or slogan on the face of your badge. Center the text or lay out your words in a random style for your badge design. Leave a plain border around the text or image field of about 1/4 inch, so that your words or image won't get cut off of the badge face during the badge-making process. Create your own font in Paint by drawing the letters and filling them in with color, as an alternative method.

Insert a clip art image from the clip art menu and resize it to fit onto your badge interface. You could also create your own image by hand and scan it into your computer, or create an image in Paint and save it.

Print your badge design using inkjet paper. Use a badge circle cutter to cut out your designs that are ready to be turned into badges using your badge-making machine. Purchase a badge-making kit online or from your local arts and crafts store.


  • Experiment with fonts and font colors available in the program to write your slogan, but comic-style fonts tend to work best on badges.